The Tradono Guide to pictures that sell 📸

The Tradono Guide to pictures that sell 📸

Are you the kind of person who looks at the picture before reading the text? Well, then you're like most people.

We've come to your rescue and will give you some insider tips on how you can 'up' your photo game and attract more buyers to your Tradono shop:


Page one in the photographer handbook: Good lighting! Snap your pictures in daylight and avoid taking pictures in dark rooms or late in the evening. Avoid using flash - it often conceals details and may change the actual colors of the product. 

Neutral background - an insider tip!

Choose a neutral background for your item. It can be quite difficult to find that in your home, but we have a trick! Find a picture, painting or mirror hanging on the wall and take it down. Now you have the perfect spot with a nail in the wall where you can hang a hanger with the clothes you're selling.

Selfie time!

A dress curled up on a bed is difficult to buy because you can't get a feeling of what it looks like. Above you can see examples of Tradonees who show the clothes on themselves. If you don't have an "instagram husband / wife" who can take your pictures, it's your lucky day. You can use your front-end camera in your smartphone when taking pictures in the app - solving the problem 'the Kardashian-way': With a selfie.

Different angles

You can take as many pictures as you want in the app, so it may be a good idea to take pictures from all angles, and snap any damages of the item as well so the buyer knows what they are buying.


Once you have found a nice background for your items, try using the same background for all your items. It looks very inviting when you come across a Tradono-shop with consistency in the pictures.

Rotating and editing images

We always try to make it as easy and fast as possible to put stuff for sale on Tradono. Therefore you have the ability to rotate the image and edit the contrast and light inside the app when you have taken a picture. Simply press the picture when you have taken it, and the editing possibilities will show.


Eyecatching pictures is always a good idea. A way to lure customers into your shop is by being creative with the pictures. Why not stand out from the feed when showing your product?


It can be difficult for the buyer to see what a piece of furniture will look like in a room if it is shot with a plain background. Show a picture of the context - for example how the sofa looks in your living room, or inspire the buyers with how the old beer crates you are selling can be used. But remember that the first image should always be the product itself without a context - so the buyer can see what item is being sold.


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