Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

You’ve probably noticed that your Tradono app changed colours! We got a new design, and we hope you like it just as much as us!

Much work have gone into this design, so we thought we would like to give you a chance to witness the journey from drawing board to finished result - and who better to tell about that than the two people who made it: In this blog post we have talked to our designers Malene and Nicklas about the process and a couple of the details of the design.

The development of the new visual identity

The design process has been comprehensive and thorough in order to find exactly the right expression for Tradono. The process started with thorough research to understand the market, the users and the history of Tradono. Based on this, we reached the strategy for what the key story of Tradono is, and from this we were able to make a design strategy. It is focused around a more simple and welcoming expression that communicates secondhand at the same time:

Based on the strategy, we brainstormed both with and without the involvement of our users, and we reached different directions, ideas, and possibilities for storytelling. - Malene Habroe

We ended up with a clear winner among the three design directions we tested. This is the design Malene and Nicklas present today. Luckily, it was not only the favorite of our users, but also among the Tradono employees. There were many exciting suggestions for design directions, Nicklas says:

I guess we had around 10 suggestions. For example a concept with a “Tradono flea”, but we ended up testing the three best ideas with the some of the users of Tradono and almost everyone internally in the company. All inputs have been (uvurderlige). Thanks a lot for your help! - Nicklas

The app icon
The app icon is the core of the new visual identity. It is a reinterpretation of the old infinity symbol, in which Tradono is integrated with the T as well as symbolically with reference to the eternal life of objects. 

The symbol is simple and clear and symbolises exactly what Tradono is all about - giving new life to objects which are no longer in use. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 
- Malene 

The logotype
The logotype is simple and easy to read and continues the plain style from the infinity symbol. The shapes are soft and playful like the entire visual identity. The shape of the T in the logotype can also be found in the infinity symbol.

The color palette
The primary brand color is a grayed orange that exudes kindness and presence. Sophisticated secondary colors adds life, lightness and energy to the expression.

We are saying goodbye to the slightly cold color of Tradono, and hello to a new and warmer orange and a more kind and welcoming universe. We received a positive response to the new design from our testers, but I am quite excited about how it will be received by the rest. It will probably take some getting used to it. - Nicklas
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